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Case Study: Quinte International Air Show Website

“The success of the WebSite has been immense! We are extremely happy with the product!” – LCol/lcol Cathy C. Blue, 8 Wing Trenton

The Quinte International Air Show (QIAS) at CFB Trenton is famous as one of best air shows in Canada. When the organizers approached us with a request to help them whip their website into shape on a tight deadline, we jumped at the opportunity to participate in such an exciting project.

Website Goals

In our initial discussions with the QIAS planning team, we identified the following goals

  • Attract attendees and encourage ticket purchases
  • Build excitement as the event comes closer
  • Provide logistical information for attendees (directions, parking, info for parents, etc.)
  • Act as a portal for the media to get accreditation
  • Continue to act as an informational tool during the event (e.g. online sitemap, schedule, etc.)

In order to help achieve these goals, we ensured that the website was:

  • Mobile-friendly, with a responsive design
  • Easy for public to navigate to key information
  • Easy for the administrators to update key information

Website Highlights

With the help of the excellent QIAS organizational team, we were able to plan, design, build and launch the new website in only three weeks, which was critical as the show was fast approaching.

Their new website featured a dynamic mix of features that helped ensure its success:

  • An engaging, full-width design that was inspired by the original promotional posters and enhanced for display on small and large screens alike
  • Custom interface for browsing the performers and static exhibits that would be attending the event
  • Prominent calls-to-action that not only drove the sales of regular tickets, but also promoted special upsell packages
  • A customized setup of the WordPress content management system (CMS), helping the organizational team to easily update key information and photos on the website


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