We are fluent in traditional and online marketing, enabling us to create broad and consistent campaigns that effectively engage print, radio, TV and the Internet. This allows you to reach out to a potentially segmented audience.

Research → Focus

We work with you to evaluate your company prior to any enactment in order to understand your current market position and client base. Working with you, we then create a focused marketing strategy engineered to target your ideal customers and deliver the results you are looking for.

Start a Conversation

Marketing is not broadcasting. Social media and web marketing allow you to leverage your traditional media buys by facilitating interaction and community. Promoting interactive media alongside traditional marketing avenues builds brand awareness, clientele and long-term relationships.

We live in a world where consumers actively resist marketing. So it's imperative to stop marketing at people. The idea is to create an environment where consumers will market to each other. ~ Seth Godin

Analyze and Refine

Once the campaign begins, we continually measure and analyze the campaign and show you where you are succeeding and where more potential can be tapped.


Inbound marketing puts you at the fingertips of people looking for what you have to offer, and draws them to your website. Upon arrival, they're a visitor. When they identify themselves, usually in exchange for an offer such as inside knowledge, they're a lead. Turning leads into customers is - DING! - conversion.

Studies consistently show significantly higher R.O.I. for Inbound rather than Outbound (traditional) Marketing and advertising. Many campaigns benefit from both.

Your website may already serve as a solid foundation for Inbound Marketing and subsequent conversion of visitors into leads and then customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important first step and can be greatly strengthened when interleaved with other, results-oriented activities. We'll show you or your staff how to do that.

Examples of additional Inbound Marketing elements

  • Social media activity, such as your blog and Twitter posts
  • LinkedIn company and sales staff pages and posts
  • Articles in high-traffic publications and websites
  • Placements in directories
  • Blog article dissemination
  • Backlink propagation
  • Click-through ads in LinkedIn and Google - sharply focused on your target demographic

Online ads should be designed to bring self-qualified leads to matching landing pages on your website. Ads for your CEO E-Books would be an excellent starting point. They can immediately begin raising your profile while organic SEO takes effect. While there is a small one-time cost associated with ad and landing page creation, Google charges only by click-through from ad to your website. Daily budget limits can easily be set and adjusted. Detailed metrics are available from all ad publishers as well as from your website analytics.

Filling the sales funnel with leads is essential to any business. Your website is designed to help you do just that by turning visitors into self-qualified leads that contact your sales professionals via phone or email. The cost per lead generated is generally much lower than other methods such as cold-calling or traditional advertising.

An Inbound Marketing campaign can be planned in advance and launched any time after your website goes live. If this is of interest, call to schedule a conversation.



Fish in Water

Our website team of designers and programmers are immersed in their evolving fields. All of our websites are custom-designed, not templated, to match precisely the priorities of your organization - and resonate with the driving needs of your customers.

Custom content management systems (CMS) and dynamic database integration will enable you to keep your site lively and up to date. In some cases, a Wordpress backend may be just the ticket. Yes, we can customize that too.

SEO and Traffic Generation

Tricks and gimmicks no longer cut it. Search engines, including Google, are driven to connect users with the most useful content possible, with countless algorithms that filter out, even black-ball, would-be cheaters trying to game the system. That is why we focus on helping you develop compelling content, of real value to potential customers. Key-word research zeroes-in on the best choice of words to optimize your ranking for your best prospects. Honesty and authenticity, well communicated, pay dividends.

We believe in easy and intuitive site navigation, powered by semantic programming. This solid strategy is amplified by social media integration via blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.


The remarkable rise of smartphones and tablets has created new demands and new opportunities. The possibilities are astounding. We can help your business harness this potential and connect directly with customers through mobile-friendly websites and/or uniquely designed apps.



We Listen

Branding is about messaging. We begin by working with you to develop a broad understanding your organization's values and goals. This enables us to develop a clear brand message that is in sync with your business plan.

Grounded Creativity

It takes a particular combination of creative imagination and critical business sense to develop a successful brand. Our marketing and design team has years of experience creating brands that convey the right message while remaining distinct, memorable and flexible.

Brand Extension

Branding also sets the direction for all subsequent marketing work, including websites, radio spots, social media campaigns, print ads and more. We excel at extending your brand beyond the logo, to color pallets, print templates, and more. We make sure that your company projects a consistent and appropriate image.



Design isn't our hobby, it's our passion. Our designers are devoted to executing innovative, long-lasting solutions across a variety of mediums.

Form Follows Function

Unnecessary frills can clutter the view and obscure your message. Clarity and purpose are paramount, and thus our design work is guided by what we want it to achieve. We begin by establishing tangible goals and then develop products that work in tandem with your business model.


Printed material remains an essential part of our lives. We relish the challenges and rewards provided by the medium. Newspaper and magazine ads, product labels, business cards and stationary all provide you with opportunities to set yourself apart. As experts with years of experience in the field, we can develop flexible solutions that generate a solid return on your investment.



Needs Analysis

What exactly do you need your system to do? Where does it hurt? What benefits are you seeking? How are you going to get those results - and how will you seize the best return on your software investment?

Real-world needs analysis is an important feature of our practical approach, and one of the greatest values that we offer you. We'll learn your operations from inside out, understand how people and processes interact, and track the flow of information and activity.


Starts with Needs Analysis, Application Design and Specifications, through to Application Development, Quality Assurance, Installation and User Acceptance Testing. Our programming team is experienced with a variety of technologies.

Friendly, Productive Interface Design

Beyond our reputation for technical integrity, we are also known for creating attractive, intuitive interface designs and friendly, productive user screens. Our graphic designers and strategists have years of experience creating attractive, intuitive user interfaces.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Snap Software offers a wide range of testing services involving independent verification and validation of software performance services, quality assurance planning, implementation services and Certification for the entire lifecycle of a software project.



We are in control of your website at every step, and this includes hosting. All of our websites are hosted and maintained on our own servers, eliminating the complications of a third party. It's how we remain accountable to you.

Class-A Facilities

Snap Hosting servers hum inside a tier-one Verizon-MCI Data Centre in Toronto, Canada, engineered for maximum security and availability. Verizon-MCI owns and manages much of the Internet backbone, giving your site the lowest latency and fastest delivery possible to visitors from around the world. Since our servers are located in Canada, your data is safe from the US Patriot Act.

Software Security

Intelligent Layered Security, including stateful packet inspection to proactively block DoS and DDoS attacks, viruses, spam, worms, spyware, trojans, and blended threats (without relying on signatures for true Zero Day protection) protects our servers and your web site. Target ports are also blocked and cloaked from hackers scanning for exploitation opportunities

Powerful Business-Class Email

Enjoy the freedom and power of best-of-breed services with Snap Hosting. MDaemon Email Server for Windows is a comprehensive messaging and collaboration solution that provides secure, standards-compliant features to small-to-enterprise-sized businesses.

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Snap360 is a complete professional and integrated website design firm with a team that is an absolute pleasure to work with. If you want a modern, versatile, and up-to-date website that will meet all of your needs, with suberb customer service and speed: go with them!" Ryan Williams
President Bay of Quinte Tourist Council

I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. You are a great team to work with - upbeat and responsive and fun and creative and clever and never a "no" to be heard. It is a total pleasure." Felicity Heyworth
Communication Officer The Stephen Lewis Foundation