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Challenging Projects? Tight Timelines? Bring them on!

We’re ready for you – with local customer service, experience-in-depth, and development teams scalable to the most demanding projects.

20+ Years of Web Development Experience

From Specs or Scratch

We’ll develop to your prepared specifications (RFP) or work with you to flesh out and blueprint the optimum solution for your company. On time. On budget.

Modular, Tiered Data Systems

Solid foundations, agile operation, robust capability, designed to evolve.

Serving SMBs

Affordable new solutions deliver Enterprise-level technology to small and medium-size businesses, typically employing 10 – 1,000 people.

Make it “your cloud”

Gain the global accessibility, software independence, and worry-free functionality of Cloud Computing without having to rely on the goodwill of distant multinationals. Your application hosted at your datacenter or ours, remains under your control.

Friendly, Productive Interface Design

Beyond our reputation for technical integrity, we are also known for creating attractive, intuitive interface designs and friendly, productive user screens. Our graphic designers and strategists have years of experience creating intuitive user interactivity.

Sync with Your In-House Database

When you need an online database that replicates changes in real-time with your internal system database, MS SQL Server or Oracle, look to Snap 360. Transactional Replication from database to database can be done securely by way of a VPN connection, encryption and other strict security protocols.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Snap 360 offers a wide range of testing services involving independent verification and validation of software performance services, quality assurance planning, implementation services and support for the entire lifecycle of a software project.

Our Process

Tell us how we can help. What challenges are you facing? What opportunities beckon? What makes them important?

We’ll get into your shoes, sit with you, talk with you, learn your needs, understand your goals, and build the solution with you.

Need an NDA signed before starting? Not a problem. Confidentiality is assured.

Request For Proposal (RFP) – If you have already produced an RFP, send it to us. We’ll prepare a detailed proposal, complete with costing, recommended technology, production team and development schedule.

Needs Analysis, Solution Design and Architecture – No RFP? No problem. We will conduct an in-depth, professional, needs analysis to illuminate your requirements, followed by a Design and Architecture document that lays out a high-level solution, including implementation, budget and timeline required. Such an in-depth Needs Analysis and System Design generally requires a budget, due to the time and care it takes to do it right. You’ll find this an invaluable investment that ensures you get what you need – and what you’ve paid for! Lack of understanding and proper planning by both clients and developers, can easily lead to cost overruns and disappointment. Let’s not go there.

At Snap, we’re committed to doing it right, eliminating your risk, and building the enduring solution you need to advance your business goals and achieve the R.O.I. you seek.

Quality Assurance –  Preventing problems in advance, rather than waiting until they’ve piled up in a jumble at the end at the end, enables us to provide you with a meaningful guarantee of quality. We follow a practical, recognized process for software development that provides significant benefits and a more productive solution.

Your staff are your stakeholders – Whenever a new way of doing things is introduced into an organization, large or small, no matter how valuable it may be, some team members are bound to resist. One proven way to convert resistance into enthusiasm – while improving solution design – is to get your senior or long-term staff involved during the analysis and solution design phase. Transform foot-draggers into leaders. Re-kindle the enthusiasm that drives your company forward!

Application Development – As your solution comes together, module-by-module, you’ll see it growing in the private, online space we create for you. Progress reports and production meetings are scheduled weekly to keep you up to date and invite your input and feedback. Our Canadian Project Manager reports directly to your designated liaison, while staying in constant touch with our Canadian development team.

User Acceptance Testing – Whether your application is hosted at a data centre or onsite at your premises, we’ll be there to see that it installs and works as it should. Do your staff know how to use it? Does it work for them?  Tuning is often required to ensure that everything flows as smoothly and intuitively as it’s supposed to. We’ll be working side-by-side with your key staff, to ensure that it functions properly and that any lapses or rough edges are smoothed out. We want your team to enjoy their new solution, while kicking their productivity into overdrive!

Training – our operational, database applications are as intuitive and self-explanatory. But orientation sessions are always provided. Beyond that, depending on the complexity of the processes and the needs of your staff, additional workshops may be required. We’ll be there to ensure your staff gets any training needed for them to get the full benefit of your new system.

Release into Production –The application has been installed and User Acceptance Testing completed. User accounts are created. Your staff begin using your new application, saving time, reducing errors and advancing your business.

Maintenance Contract – Keep things running smoothly, keep your users supported, and your system evolving in step with your company’s growth

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