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Campaign Essentials

Step 1: Research ? Strategy ? Action

Let’s begin by learning about your business goals, plans, value proposition, target market, competition, priorities, and desired outcomes.

Do you make your clients’ pain go away or help realize dreams? Both?

What are your customers’ headaches? Their aspirations? Do you make their pain go away or help realize their dreams? Both? How do you do that? Who are your customers? What specific benefits do you offer them?

What makes you different from the other guys? Why should people buy from YOU?

These are just some of the important questions we’ll be asking you as your messaging takes shape.

Together, we’ll create a focused marketing strategy to reach your ideal customers, engage them and convert them into Motivated, Qualified Leads reaching out to your sales desk.

Step 2: Measure and Refine

One of the beautiful things about Digital Marketing, and the reason why billions of ad dollars have switched from traditional media over to digital, is its precise targeting, measurability and adaptability. Results are tracked, adjustments made, performance improved.

Is it time for a Full-On Campaign?

Sometimes, you just want to build on what you’re already doing

Sometimes, you just want to build onto what you’re already doing or just uplift your existing marketing collateral and website.

If you’re starting a new business or pivoting towards a new product line – you may want much more.

Depending on your target market, who they are and where they are, the choices can be overwhelming. Traditional media, from magazines to billboards, to radio or TV, could form a strong component of retail campaigns. Digital Marketing is proving more effective every year. Where to focus?

Marketing collateral, from business cards to product brochures to signage – and especially your website – all have their place, working for you and your sales team before – and long after the meeting is over.

That’s where a little research and a strategic plan come in, to connect with your target market instead of blasting away at the countryside.

Let’s start by developing a realistic, cost-effective, strategic campaign to reach your market where they hang out, at the right time in their sales cycle – and start filling your sales funnel.

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