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Visit any major website to see how marketing has evolved. People no longer depend on one-to-many TV spots, radio or billboards — a.k.a. outbound marketing — to learn about new products. The Internet has empowered them.

Finding, researching and buying brands and products is now easier than ever for consumers. Marketing communication — inbound marketing — has become a two-way dialogue.

How can you open this door for your business?

Digital advertising is proving to be the quickest, most cost-effective – and results-effective – way to drive new business to your website or sales phone line. Why? Because of its uncanny ability to target your ad message to the most receptive prospects. Best of all, you pay only for when the ad works, i.e. when a customer clicks on it and arrives at your website.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

Digital Advertising Channels

Opportunities for Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising include:

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising enables you to present concise ads to the prospects in your target market who are actively interested in services like yours.

  • Search-based advertising (a.k.a. Search Engine Marketing – SEM), where your advertisements will show up in search results
  • Social media advertising (e.g. on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Display network advertising, where you can create ads that will automatically appear on websites across the Internet

Google Ads and Facebook promoted posts are the two most common channels for putting special offers and calls-to-action in front of the most likely customers in your service area.

Target Your Audience

Start by defining the demographic of your likely customers – their age, income bracket, gender, special interests, geographical location, and so on. Your ad will appear only to them.

Flexible Budgets

Set your daily budget limit and grow it as your sales mount up. Detailed metrics are available from your ad publishers as well as from your website analytics.

Now That You’ve Got Their Attention: The Landing Page

Respond to their Specific Interest

Your digital ad has caught them, they’ve clicked on the link to your website… Now what?

Convert them to customers.

For best results, your digital ads should lead visitors straight to a “landing page” that fleshes out the specific offer from your ad, rather than a generic homepage. The landing page should kindle their spark of interest into a roaring fire and gives them a clear “next step” that you’d like them to take.

Online ads will yield best results when driving self-qualified leads to the “landing page” on your website that catches the traffic from your ad and completes the offer.

For example, if your ad offers a 40%-off sale on moccasins, your landing page should invoke their comfy benefits, a range of styles and colours – and of course the discounted price they can grab by buying today.

We’ll show you or your staff how to do that, or set up and run your managed digital campaign for you.

Analyze and Refine

Once the campaign begins, it will be measured and analyzed to show you where you are succeeding and where more potential can be tapped.

By tracking the traffic on your website, you’ll see how people are coming in – what links, key word searches, or ads took them to your site. Where are they coming from? What products are getting the most attention?

Actionable Intelligence

In addition to enabling you to refine your SEO/SEM, ad copy or landing page offers, this information can provide you with actionable intelligence, i.e. “Who knew that our blue widgets were in such demand – and in Des Moines of all places?”

An Inbound, Digital Marketing campaign can be planned in advance and launched any time after your website goes live.

Fully managed programs can start as low as $299 per month, plus ad spend, including the tracking that will show your results – such as the number of phone calls generated by your digital ads – and allow you to monitor and fine tune. Learn more.

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