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No More Tricks

One upon a time, if you wanted to rank higher in Google, it was a matter of piling on the key words high and deep, signing up for all of the shady online “directories”, and fabricating as many fake reviews as possible.

Now, tricks and gimmicks no longer cut it. In fact, they can significantly damage your site’s ranking! Search engines, including Google, deploy countless algorithms that filter out would-be cheaters trying to game the system.

Fundamentally, search engines want to connect their users with content that is relevant, useful and interesting to their search topic. All effective SEO strategies involve authentic efforts to a) create this content, b) let search engines know it exists, and c) help to convince them that the content is real and authoritative.

So, How DO You Improving Your Ranking?

Your Google ranking depends on many signals, including:

  • The quality of your website‘s technical configuration
  • Your website’s content (text, images and video)
  • Visitors’ engagement rates (i.e. do they leave your site immediately or do they hang out and stay a while?)
  • Corroborative evidence that your content is valuable, through e.g. links from other authoritative websites

There’s no getting around it: the best way to improve your search ranking is to make sure that your website is relevant, interesting and easy for your target audience to use.

That is why we focus on helping you develop compelling content that’s of real value to potential customers, including your key benefits. Keyword research zeroes in on the best choice of words to optimize your ranking for your best prospects. Honesty and authenticity, well-communicated, pay dividends.

SEO Tools of the Trade

Once you have a strategy setup, you’ll need tools to be able to implement this strategy and monitor it’s progress.

We install the following on all of the websites we develop:

  • Yoast SEO: A tool that will connect your website to search engines and give you full control over editing key content.
  • Google Analytics: Industry leading analytics tool, which will show you how visitors are finding your site and what they’re doing once they get there.
  • Google Search Console: monitors your search visibility and performance

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