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Project Summary

In 2012, we had launched a new website for the Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society to meet a unique set of goals. Fast-forward a decade later and the request for a highly accessible and mobile-friendly website using modern technologies is required to meet the standard’s of the client’s organization.

The Challenge

The Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society (HSCAS) is an organization with a large variety of stakeholders, audiences, services and processes.

Goal: Serve a Wide Variety of Clients & Stakeholders

Each HSCAS client has a unique set of needs. For example, HSCAS helps foster parents work through the foster parenting process. It also helps to prepare youth for university. The website needed to serve all of these audiences simultaneously.

Goal: Raise Public Awareness & Involvement

An important element of the mandate of the HSCAS is to promote awareness and involvement in issues facing children and families in the area. It was critical that that public’s impression of the organization be both positive and consistent.

Goal: Facilitate Internal Communication Processes

At the same time, the internal structure of the organization is complex. At the time of the website redesign, the organization was in the process of amalgamating two different counties, each of which had a collection of offices totaling more than 400 staff members. The organizational structure included a central board and multiple committee groups who needed to communicate in an efficient and effective manner. Each committee and group had a different strategy for communicating. Furthermore, some of the information was highly confidential and needed to be kept private.

It was critical that the website helped to facilitate internal communication between internal teams in a manner that was both user-friendly and secure.



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