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Written Copy

Many businesses are comfortable writing their own text content, leaving our specialists to fine-tune and “webstyle” the text. Others prefer to have our writers develop the content, based on the Creative Platform, effective messaging, calls to action and marketing collateral

Interviews with you and your team can draw out the specifics of your

  • Products and services
  • Key benefits to customers
  • Proven sales processes

Images and Photography

No matter how excellent the writing, imagery adds energy and depth to your pages.

Custom Photography

The best photos are unique to you, your business and your target audience. If you already have great photos, you’re ahead of the game! If not, we can easily arrange a professional photo shoot.

Stock photography

Literally millions of professional-quality images are available. Can be very cost-effective and compelling. Browse our preferred library here: http://www.istockphoto.com/ca.


Depending on the ideal tone as well as your target audience and budget, original illustrations can make your site friendlier and enliven the content, helping engage your visitors.


Videos done well can be very effective. We work with several professional videographers that can bring your story to life.

Videos, typically uploaded into your YouTube channel, are embedded seamlessly into your web pages. Storing them in YouTube will enhance your SEO and drive additional traffic to your website.

Your web page background can even be a looping video – the canvas upon which key messages are overlaid.

Restricted access – in the event that wish to protect the privacy of the video content so that they can be accessed only from certain pages of your website, they are best stored on the webserver or other access-controlled server, such as AWS.

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