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Above all, a website should be easy to use, intuitive, save clicks, save time, engage the visitor and convert them into an online Buyer or Motivated, Qualified Lead for your sales team.


… a truly interactive website comes alive under a visitor’s fingers

A truly interactive website comes alive under a visitor’s fingers. By responding dynamically and drawing her in with personalized content, you’ll create a true one-on-one experience.

Personalizing each visitor’s experience requires a back-end database and some programming wizardry.

Interactive processes can include:

Active pages whose content and presentation change dynamically in response to mouse movements over hot spots, menus that cascade open, intelligent selections offered in web page drop-down boxes, radio buttons and so on – without requiring a page refresh.

Custom, database-generated content, such as a selection of products, a report or other content specific to the individual user’s needs

Ability to upload, download and/or share files such as PDFs, images, Word documents

Forms that enable user input to be emailed, stored, or published.

User account creation / logins for accessing secure areas, editing profiles, sharing and collaboration, and more

Auto-email notifications to your team or visitors triggered by actions such as purchases, contact form submissions and more

Spam control. Form input pages should detect and block spam bots from posting, helping keep your inbox free of trash.

Best-Practice Standards

Mobile friendly, Responsive Design

Now that over 50% of web traffic is coming through mobile devices, web pages that automatically reformat to suit the visitor’s screen size are a must. We design all of our websites to responsibly adapt to the user’s device, making them easy to read, navigate and order from, whether the user is coming in from their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Only one website to maintain – and it will look awesome on both wide screens and smartphones.

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Compliance

Well-structured coding behind each web page improves performance on all browsers as well as search engine results. Faster, more efficient pages, configured to match a search engine’s expectations, are key for top ranking.

Website Extensions

SSL Encryption

Two-way encryption between web browser and web site ensures that confidential information stays confidential. A must for e-commerce websites. Highly recommended for all websites.

Private Spaces

When your stakeholders, sales team, or customers need access to confidential documents/images/videos, a password-protected area of your website can be created. Confidential documents are stored outside of the web root – meaning that they will be out of Google’s reach and accessible only by authorized users.


Need your website to be available in two or more languages? Want people to be able to choose their language from any page? Let’s make that easy.

WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) Compliance

Removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites, by people with disabilities requires careful, detailed programming and content.

Sight-impaired users, for example, may wish to amplify text size or even use reader software that interprets page content and converts text to speech. A must for anyone seeking to provide all users with equal access to information and functionality. Often required for government or government-funded agencies.

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