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Planning is the first, and most important, step of the Development Process. Its goal is identify your goals and the most effective way to achieve them.

Key Areas for Discussion

Let’s begin with a conversation about your business goals, plans, value proposition, target market, competition, priorities, websites that inspire you, and your desired outcomes.

Existing (or New?) Branding

Very important. Your website must be in sync with, embody and strengthen your brand. Learn more about branding.

Your Target Customers

What are your customers’ headaches? Their aspirations? Are you offering to make their pain go away or to help realize their dreams? Both? How do you do that? Who are your customers? What specific benefits do you offer them?

Your competition

Who are you up against? What can you do to overcome them?

Do you make your clients’ pain go away or help realize dreams? Both?


What makes you different from the other guys? Why should people buy from YOU?

Qualitative Research

For a deeper understanding of your ideal market, you may wish to engage qualitative research. Surveys and focus groups can flush out your market’s preferences, underlying motives, values and buying triggers. Budget and time permitting, this can be a valuable step.


The project budget, set by you, will determine the scope of work – what’s in and what’s out.

We will work with you to determine the “sweet spot”, i.e. the level of investment will support the best combination of functionality, design and content that gains you the most advantage, beyond which benefits start tapering off.

Keep in mind that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” If your budget is limited — and whose isn’t? –powerful, revenue-generating websites are often built in phases. Don’t over extend.

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