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WordPress Security

Globally – including the USA and Canada – the number of websites being hacked continues to rise, with no end in sight. Here is one of many published articles about WordPress hacking vulnerabilities.

The advantages and popularity of WordPress has made it a favourite target of pro hackers. The hacking community shares and sells the hacks, which are then deployed by “botnets” – networks of high-jacked computers, often numbering in the hundreds of thousands – for round-the-clock, automatic scanning of websites in their search for vulnerable targets. There’s no place to hide.

Fortunately, protection is available.

Ongoing Protection

Due to the constant evolution of WordPress and its extensions, which are constantly scrutinized by professional hackers, vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and fed into botnet scanners.

Snap 360 technicians will actively update your WordPress website with all available security patches on a bi-weekly basis, or more often when critical, zero-day vulnerability patches are released.

WordPress, and reputable WordPress extension developers, are also constantly engaged in developing and providing security patches as new vulnerabilities appear. These need to be installed manually and quickly.

Unlike developers who rely on the launch-and-pray system, Snap 360 technicians actively update every one of our WordPress websites on a bi-weekly basis, or more often in the case of zero-day vulnerability patches.

Additional important protection is provided by extra layers of software firewall security to defeat brute-force password cracking, spammy comment postings, page defacement, spamvertizing, data and identity theft, and other intrusions.

Exclusively from Snap 360, our WordPress Peace of Mind Plans offer:

  • Bi-Weekly WordPress security updates
  • Secondary, dedicated software Firewalls
  • Anti-spam comment filters
  • Pro Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Independent Uptime Monitoring
  • Priority Response

Don’t let yourself get hacked. The cost of recovering from a single hack can far exceed the cost of protection.

Would you like Peace of Mind for YOUR WordPress website? Consider migrating to Snap 360. We’ll be glad to look after it. Just ask.

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