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We keep you in control from Milestone to Milestone, as you leverage our skills and expertise.

Phase 1: Discovery and Planning

Experience has taught us that the first step to developing a successful website is to execute a thorough process of discovery and planning. This will ensure that your website contains the key functionality to achieve your desired results.

We will work with you to develop a detailed website build plan that provides everything the designers and programmers need to build your new website and achieve its desired outcomes.

Learn more about our discovery and planning process here.

Milestone: Approved Website Development Plan + Wireframes

  • Sitemap of all pages to be included for launch
  • Description of the desired look and feel
  • Detailed description of the requirements for all functionality
  • Wireframe “blueprints” of the layout of the key pages

Phase 2: Design the Look and Feel

Now that the development plan and wireframes are complete, your website’s design – style and layout – can begin with confidence

The next step in the process is to create the look and feel of the website. Our budget and schedule typically account for up to two rounds of feedback and changes of the homepage and internal page designs based on your feedback.

Milestone: Approved Homepage Design

Your homepage design is the foundation for every other page on your website. It must immediately appeal to and engage your target audience. Conveying the strength of your brand, it will give them the confidence to delve in, discover, and buy from you.

We begin the website design by creating a draft homepage design, which we update based on your feedback.

Milestone: Approved Internal Page Designs

When the final homepage design is approved, we will create the internal page design template(s), which we will again update based on your feedback.

Phase 3: Website Build and Programming

Upon your approval of the final designs, the actual build of your website begins. Web pages now start coming alive.

Milestone: Your Private Online Preview

Once we have a final approved design, we will build out your website and place it in a secure online preview URL so that you can review the progress.

Milestone: Website Administration Training

When the foundation of the preview version of the website is complete, we will run an on-site training session.

The goal of this training session is both to familiarize you with the website administration tools as well as provide an opportunity to take a close review of the website before launch.

A one-hour training session is typically all that’s required for you to get up to speed on the management and updating of your website’s content. No programming experience necessary.

Milestone: Content Populated and Website Fully Tested and Approved

With the foundation coded and the initial training complete, you will have the opportunity to populate the content of the website and perform and testing.

We are able to assist with content population to a degree, but in our experience it is beneficial to our clients to have the opportunity to populate a significant amount of content themselves, creating and editing content in a low-pressure situation before the site is live.

Any bugs or questions regarding functionality will be addressed promptly by our team.

Phase 4: Launch

Milestone: Website Launch

Everything ready? Time for the big reveal. Your new website is launched to the world!

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